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 Hacking Symbian Dr Web Antivirus

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hunter assur

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PostSubject: Hacking Symbian Dr Web Antivirus   Sat Aug 25, 2012 12:39 pm

A new Symbian hacking method emerged yesterday that is extremely easy
and simple (no flashing or custom uda required thus no risk of dead
phone). Actually this method utilizes the all capability (system
read/write access) credentials of an Antivirus app (Dr.Web etc) to copy
the three .ldd files (ROM Patcher driver files) inside C:/sys/bin
Anyway, exactly follow the steps given below –

1. If you have memory card as “E” drive in your phone (like in older phones without mass storage memory) then download this file (zip archive)
Otherwise if you have mass memory as well (memory card will become F drive in newer phones like N then download this zip file
Remember that the zip file MUST be chosen according to the phone (whether memory card is “E” or “F” drive in your phone).

2. Extract the zip file in PC and open the folder named “Private” (that is inside the archive). Copy the folder “20024113” that will be found inside “Private”.

3. Connect the phone with PC (using data cable) in “Mass Storage Mode“.
Make sure that DO NOT connect the phone in Ovi Suite mode plus make
sure that neither Nokia PC Suite nor Ovi Suite is running when you
connect the phone with PC (because system folders can not be accessed in
these modes). Alternatively you may also connect the Memory card with
PC via a card reader.

4. Now go to My Computer and open memory card connected to PC (make sure
that you are opening memory card and not mass memory in new phones).
Now find and open the “Private” folder and paste the above copied
“20024113” folder inside it. Now disconnect the phone (or memory card)
from PC. If you don’t see “Private” folder in memory card then enable
the “Show hidden and System files” option in your PC.

Download Dr. Web Anti-virus app from here and install it (select Memory
card as the installation location). Run Dr. Web app from menu (cancel
the warning) and go to “Options/Quarantine“. Select all three files in Quarantine via “Options/Select All”. Now select “Options/Restore”. Exit Dr.Web

6. Download ROMPatcher+ (signed) from here and install it in the phone. Launch ROMPatcher from menu and go to “Options/All Patches/Apply”. On selecting “Apply” the installed patches will become activated.
Bingo! Now your phone is hacked and you can install any unsigned app
plus have full access to system folders (read/write to sys/private) via
X-plore etc. No need of any damn certificate/key…….. R.I.P.

Note – This method is applicable to all Symbian 3rd, 5th ed and Symbian^3 (Anna, Belle? whatever) phones.
You can uninstall Dr. Web app after the process is over
All credit goes to great Symbian modders like Marco Bellino (for ROM Patcher), CODeRUS, Wadowice, FCAOOOO etc.
For any help or problem feel free to comment and do share your experience here.

UPDATE (1) - It looks like that in older E series phones the above
method is not working as good as in newer 5th ed and Symbian^3 devices. I
am sorry for this guys. Some possible solutions include -
1. Format/hard reset the phone and try again
2. Update the phone to the latest available firmware and then try the hacking method again
3. If you have phone specific certificate/key available then try other
hacking methods (like this one –
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

UPDATE (2) - Older (3rd ed initial release and FP1) phone owners – if
the patches that come bundled with ROMPatcher+ (new version) are not
working in your device then please download the installserver patch (and
other patches) according to your device by searching Google (easily
available at various Symbian forums) and copy them to “Catches” folder (replace the existing ones in the folder)…


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Hacking Symbian Dr Web Antivirus
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